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General Name : MELLISA OIL
Botanical Name : Melissa officinalis
CAS : 8017-71-9
Product Information:
Melisa leaf is also known as lemon balm that is derived from a sweet smelling and bushy herb. The bush can grow up to three feet in height. The leaves of this plant stay in a scattered manner and the flowers are white or pink in color. 


Method of Extraction :

Melissa Oil is extracted using Steam Distillation method 

Part Of Plant Used :


Origin :

Melissa Oil was originated in Slovenia 

Application :
Melissa Oil is well known for its anti depressant properties. It is also loaded with uplifting properties. It is also having bactericidal as well as cordial properties. 


Strength of Aroma :

Melissa Oil has a medium strength of aroma 


Melissa Oil is a clear colorless to yellow liquid 

Blends Well With :
Melissa Oil blends well with geranium, lavender, lemon and neroli. 


Aromatic Scent :
History :
Melisa has been derived from the Greek term that means Honey Bee. It was initially used to offer comfort and drive sadness away. 


Precautions :
Melissa Oil is really sensitizing and having a dermal irritating property. It is non toxic oil but it should be avoided by pregnant women. 




Packaging :

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