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Botanical Name : Cympopogan martini var sofia
CAS : 8023-92-5
Product Information:

 The Ginger Grass is an herbaceous plant which has long and elegant stems. It is a very fragrant grass which is directly used to extract Ginger grass essential oil. The grass is originated in France and now can be found in the plains of North America. Ginger Grass oil is extracted from Ginger grass through steam distillation method and water distillation method.

Method of Extraction :

 Ginger Grass oil is extracted using Steam Distillation

Part Of Plant Used :


Origin :

 Ginger Grass oil is originated in France

Application :

 Ginger Grass oil is very effective for improving blood circulation. It is also helpful for the reduction of stress.  Ginger Grass oil is considered as good for mood uplifting and aphrodisiac oil. It is also used in perfume. Ginger grass oil has been proved effective in promoting blood flow and the circulatory system. acne, nervous exhaustion, sore throat and viral infections can be treated effectively through Ginger Grass Oil.

Strength of Aroma :

 Ginger Grass oil has medium aromatic strength


 Ginger Grass oil is a yellow to light brown colored liquid

Blends Well With :
Ginger Grass Oil can easily blend with Cananga, Geranium, Sandalwood and other essential oil.  
Aromatic Scent :
History :

 Ginger grass was first originated in the 18th century. In the primary stage it was used to improve blood circulation and to eliminate stress.  

Precautions :

 Ginger grass oil can cause skin irritation. In this regard, it should be used under doctor supervision. Pregnant lady must avoid the usage of Ginger Grass Oil


 • Analgesic

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