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Product Descriptions

General Name : CARDAMOM OIL
Botanical Name : Elettaria Cardamomum
CAS : 8000-66-6
Product Information:

 Cardaomom oil is extracted from an herb that is a perennial and reed like herb and grows in the wild regions of India and Sri Lanka. This herb can reach up to a height for 4 meters or 13 feet. It also has green and silky blades that are long. The flower of Cardamom herb is yellow in color with a violet tip. The rhizome of the flower is large which looks just like the ginger. Fruits of this herb are oblong having many seeds inside. 

Method of Extraction :

 Cardaomom oil is extracted using Steam Distillation method.

Part Of Plant Used :


Origin :

 Cardaomom oil was originated in India.

Application :

  Cardamom oil is especially helpful to keep the digestive system healthy. It works as a laxative and can sooth the colic pain or wind formation in stomach. It can also help the body to recover from dyspepsia or the nausea. It can keep the stomach warm while helping to eliminate heartburn. It can also be used as the massage oil. 

Strength of Aroma :

 Cardaomom oil has a strong aromatic strength.


 t is a pale yellow and clear liquid that may sometime appear as colorless.

Blends Well With :

Cardamom oil blends perfectly with rose, bergamot and orange. It can also blend with the clove bud, cedarwood or the cinnamon bark perfectly.  

Aromatic Scent :
History :

  Cardamom was a well known herb in ancient times. Early Egyptians have used it in their perfumes. They chewed the cardamom to keep their teeth white. The Romans have used this herb for their stomach during when they use to feel over indulged. Arabs have used it as the ground for their coffee. It is also an important addition for Asian cooking. 

Precautions :

 The Cardamom oil is non toxic as well as non irritant. It is also non-sensitizing. However, it shouldn’t be used during pregnancy. 


  Non toxic, non-irritant, non-sensitizing, and laxative. 

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