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Product Descriptions

General Name : ARMOISE OIL
Botanical Name : Artimisia Alba
CAS : 8008-93-3
Product Information:

 This is a kind of aromatic perennial herb, which is having the stems of red-purple color and deep cuts. The leaves of the Armoise oil herb are dark green and white at the underside. Its little red-brown flowers make their appearance only during the summer. It is a tall plant that grows fast. Armoise Oil stems are often angular and use to grow more than 3 feet

Method of Extraction :

 The method of extraction of Armoise oil is Steam distillation


Part Of Plant Used :

 Leaves and flowers

Origin :

 Armoise oil was originated in India 

Application :


 Armoise oil is loaded with anti spasmodic, carminative and nervine like properties that allows it to work well when used for preventing worms. It is used for It can also be used to control fever and digestive problems. Armoise oil is also traded as an effective stimulant


Strength of Aroma :

 Armoise oil has a strong aroma


 Armoise oil is pale to deep yellow in color

Blends Well With :

 Patchouli, Lavender, Pine, Cedar wood and Rosemary

Aromatic Scent :

 Armoise oil has a strong aroma

History :

 The Artimisia Alba is also known as the felon herb. Some people also know it as the St. John’s herb. In European regions, Armoise oil herb is also used with accordance to the superstition and practice of witchcraft. At European countries people use to believe it as a charm that can be used against evil power and possible danger. As per the Chinese culture, the dried and minced leaves of this herb are known as the Moxa and long been used to treat internal cold and to provide the body necessary warm.  

Precautions :

 You should use the Armoise oil in a well diluted manner. The Armoise oil has been considered as a toxic one due to the presence of arbortifacient and neurotoxin. Pregnant ladies should avoid the use of this oil. 


 Armoise oil is well known for its few properties and these are mentioned below:

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