We partner with the most reputed shipping agents, including FedEx,
UPS, and DHL, for a reliable shipping and delivery of our products to
our clients.

We operate our shipping department in order to facilitate our
customers and not to earn profits. We make sure that your shipping
cost is calculated with the maximum fairness using an automated
software application in real time. Calculation of the shipping cost
considers weight and volume of the products/packages to be delivered.

We reserve and retain the right to modify and amend the shipping
charges as per the circumstances. In such cases, we contact our
customers for their approval prior to processing their orders.

All of our products are packaged and delivered from within our Indian

In case you want us to use non-standard, exclusive, or expedited
shipments of the goods, you are liable to pay additional changes as
applicable for customs or brokerage etc.

In the event of a loss, damage, or delay occurring due to negligence
of the customer/shipping company, we shall not be held responsible.
Also, it is your responsibility to notify us in advance if you require
additional insurance of your shipped products.

You can also ask for alternative methods of shipping as per your own
convenience. However, we do not take responsibility of shipping of the
consignments that are arranged by yourself or any other party you have
entrusted for shipping.

We would need a signed waiver in case customers would like to go for
their own arrangement for shipping. At the same time, we shall not be
responsible for any shipping issues in such a scenario.

We are able to ship our products to almost all the countries in the

Reasons to Shop With Us

  • One stop shop for wholesale buyers.
  • Righ product at the price at the right time.
  • Detailed information on all products.
  • 100% wholesale pricing.
  • Quality and admiration guaranteed.
  • Guidance on the uses of all products.
  • 100% stock avalaibility of all products.
  • Easy and convenient methods of payment.
  • Customised packaging facility.
  • Minimum shipping cost.
  • Minimum order delivery processing time.
  • Shipping by renowned companies-UPS,DHL&FEDEX.
  • Online chat facility.
  • 24*7 customer service,

why choose us

What we do?
We are a manufacturer, exporter, and wholesaler of all kinds of essential oils. Our
huge variety of natural oils suffices to cater to various industry verticals, such as
healthcare and pharmaceuticals, spa and aromatherapy, cosmetics, foods, flavours
and confectionary, perfumery etc.
Our constant focus on research and development makes our way smoother for
maintaining the highest and internationally accepted levels of quality. In addition,
this also helps us maximize the utilization of our resources and extraction capacity.
At the same time, we engage ourselves in innovation that has resulted in creation of
several new natural oils with unique medicinal and cosmetic properties.
We understand our responsibility towards maintaining a healthy environment and
that’s why we manufacture products that don’t cause any harm to environment and
endangered species of plants and trees.