Product Application

Product Application

Our excellent products are a result of years of rich experience and ingenious
expertise. This is why our unique herbal products are suitable for several
applications in a variety of industrial domains. We do not use any kind of
chemical or synthetic additives during the preparation or storage of our
products. This is why our herbal products reach you in their best possible
and natural forms. These products are widely used in the manufacturing of
cosmetic products, incense sticks, perfumes and fragrances, and medical
products etc. Few of their usages are given below:
Natural Essential Oils
Natural Essential Oils are quite popular because of their unique qualities.
They are used for a variety of medical, health and wellness related purposes.
For instance, several of them are used in Aromatherapy whereas others are
used for improving joint functioning and optimizing the health circulatory
system in the human body. They are also known for relieving stress and
supporting the healthy functioning of body in a natural fashion. This is why
natural essential oils are also used for manufacturing of products to make you
feel younger, stronger and revitalized.
Natural Indian Attars
Traditional Indian Attars are the fragrances that do not require any alcoholic
or chemical base. Because they are extracted from natural sources, they are
known as the longest lasting perfumes. Their sources are extracts of flowers,
herbs, stems, woods etc. In addition, their completely harmless and side-effect
free attars are used in the making of foods including traditional Indian sweets.
These attars are also used in the pharmaceutical industry as well, particularly
for manufacturing herbal drugs.
Floral Absolutes & Waxes
Floral Absolutes & Waxes have strong yet natural fragrances. They are
produced from fresh flowers employing various modern scientific methods.
Flowers, such as Jasmine, Tuberose, mimosa etc. are used for the extraction
of floral absolutes and waxes. They have their own unique natural cooling
properties along with strong fragrances, which make them suitable for
manufacturing high quality natural aroma. They are gentle on the skin and are
used in the beauty products as well.
Spice / Herbs Extracts
Spice / Herbs Extracts are extracted from spices, herbs and other parts of the
plants using distillation techniques. They are primarily used for adding flavors
to food and also, for making various food ingredients due to their natural
concentration of flavors. They usually have long shelf lives and can be often
preserved at room temperature.
Aromatherapy Oils
Aromatherapy Oils are known for their purity and possess several therapeutic
properties. As the name suggests, they are widely used in aromatherapy. They
are commonly made ginger grass, jasmine grandiflorum absolute, lavender,
orange, eucalyptus citrodora, rose wood and oils of campher etc. They offer
relaxation to the body when applied directly. They are quite popular in
the manufacturing of cosmetics, beauty products, soaps, massage oils and
medicines etc. Also, they are helpful in revitalizing and re-energizing the
human body.
Mint Oils
Mint oil is one of the most versatile herbal oil. It has several medicinal usages
and helps in reducing symptoms of several ailments. It is effective in the
problems like indigestion, stomach cramps, menstrual cramps, flatulence,
stomach troubles, nausea, vomiting and many more. This oil is also quite
helpful in stimulating the appetite. In addition, mint oil is quite effective as a
dandruff control medicine.
Carrier and Base Oils
Carrier Oils are often used as base oils for several other essential oils.
This is because of their larger molecules that help them retain their texture
and lubricating properties for a very long time. They are widely used in
combination with other oils for the purposes of aromatherapy, cosmetics, and
massage etc. They alone are also used as massage oils as they also possess
several medicinal qualities.
Oleoresins are extracted from the ground spices by their solvent extraction.
They are used widely as substitutes for the spice powders in several food
products. Also, due to their flavor fortifying qualities, they enhance flavors
when used in cooking. Oleoresins are also widely used industrially in the meat
canning, sauce manufacturing, soft drinks, confectionery and bakery etc. Other
than food, they are also used in industries like perfumery, pharmaceuticals,
soap and tobacco industry etc.
Floral Absolute
Floral Absolutes are popularly known for their rich floral scents. Their warm
and sweet fragrances make these oils quite refreshing and that is why these
oils are known for having rejuvenating effects as well. In addition to their
rejuvenating effects, they also possess several therapeutic properties. This is
why they are used in the manufacturing of herbal medicines as well. They are
often available in the form of concentrated liquids as a result of extraction
from various parts of the plants.


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What we do?
We are a manufacturer, exporter, and wholesaler of all kinds of essential oils. Our
huge variety of natural oils suffices to cater to various industry verticals, such as
healthcare and pharmaceuticals, spa and aromatherapy, cosmetics, foods, flavours
and confectionary, perfumery etc.
Our constant focus on research and development makes our way smoother for
maintaining the highest and internationally accepted levels of quality. In addition,
this also helps us maximize the utilization of our resources and extraction capacity.
At the same time, we engage ourselves in innovation that has resulted in creation of
several new natural oils with unique medicinal and cosmetic properties.
We understand our responsibility towards maintaining a healthy environment and
that’s why we manufacture products that don’t cause any harm to environment and
endangered species of plants and trees.