Private labelling

We offer you specialized service for private labeling the herbal products as per your
specifications. We offer customized packaging using a variety of flyers, hang tags,
carrier bags etc. Also, the packaging can be customized to give the packages various
forms with the usage of colors, ribbons, prints, designs, types, stickers on glossy,
semi glossy or plain papers of the specified GSM. We also offer you the options of
foiling and can provide catalog brochures along with the smaller retail packaging
as per your specifications. Thanks to our relationships with several printing press’
and manufacturers of packing materials, such as bottles, boxes, HDPE, drums and
cartons, we can even pack certain products in customized bags, bottles, cartons with
the prints you approve.
We have a dedicated team of professionals who bring with them an expertise in
customized printing and packaging. This is why we are capable of delivering the
top quality products packaged as per your exact specifications. With your specified
designs and selection of papers, we can help you build your own brand. We have tie-
ups with all the leading suppliers of papers, bags, and printing companies who help
us deliver the products tailored to your needs.

Reasons to Shop With Us

  • One stop shop for wholesale buyers.
  • Righ product at the price at the right time.
  • Detailed information on all products.
  • 100% wholesale pricing.
  • Quality and admiration guaranteed.
  • Guidance on the uses of all products.
  • 100% stock avalaibility of all products.
  • Easy and convenient methods of payment.
  • Customised packaging facility.
  • Minimum shipping cost.
  • Minimum order delivery processing time.
  • Shipping by renowned companies-UPS,DHL&FEDEX.
  • Online chat facility.
  • 24*7 customer service,

why choose us

What we do?
We are a manufacturer, exporter, and wholesaler of all kinds of essential oils. Our
huge variety of natural oils suffices to cater to various industry verticals, such as
healthcare and pharmaceuticals, spa and aromatherapy, cosmetics, foods, flavours
and confectionary, perfumery etc.
Our constant focus on research and development makes our way smoother for
maintaining the highest and internationally accepted levels of quality. In addition,
this also helps us maximize the utilization of our resources and extraction capacity.
At the same time, we engage ourselves in innovation that has resulted in creation of
several new natural oils with unique medicinal and cosmetic properties.
We understand our responsibility towards maintaining a healthy environment and
that’s why we manufacture products that don’t cause any harm to environment and
endangered species of plants and trees.