In addition to producing the highest quality herbal products, at Natures Natural

India we use all the necessary measures to ensure the best quality packaging as

well. The climate controlled packaging facilities we have are adequate for ensuring

the strictest quality control. In addition to aluminum packaging, we also offer oil

specific packaging on consignment starting from 1Kg to the maximum possible

limit. Also, our storage and packaging facilities are equipped with the latest

packaging equipments.


In order to make sure that products reach you in the best possible form, we

take special care in keeping the contents and the packaging conditions clean

and hygienic. Moreover, our packages are especially designed to facilitate the

distribution, handling, opening, use, reuse, display and sale of the products.

The packages we use are inherently safe from undesired conditions, including

temperature, moisture, vibrations and shocks or any other possible hazards during

transportation of products.


Customized Packaging and Private Labeling


We offer you specialized service for private labeling the herbal products as per your

specifications. We offer customized packaging using a variety of flyers, hang tags,

carrier bags etc. Also, the packaging can be customized to give the packages various

forms with the usage of colors, ribbons, prints, designs, types, stickers on glossy,

semi glossy or plain papers of the specified GSM. We also offer you the options of

foiling and can provide catalog brochures along with the smaller retail packaging

as per your specifications. Thanks to our relationships with several printing press’

and manufacturers of packing materials, such as bottles, boxes, HDPE, drums and

cartons, we can even pack certain products in customized bags, bottles, cartons with

the prints you approve.


We have a dedicated team of professionals who bring with them an expertise in

customized printing and packaging. This is why we are capable of delivering the

top quality products packaged as per your exact specifications. With your specified

designs and selection of papers, we can help you build your own brand. We have tie-

ups with all the leading suppliers of papers, bags, and printing companies who help

us deliver the products tailored to your needs.


Packaging materials


We offer you the complete packaging solutions as suitable for all the products

regardless of their sizes. In order to deliver the products precisely as your

specifications, we make use of several packaging materials.


For instance, we use cartons of several shapes and sizes depending upon the

quantity, volume, and weight of the products to be packed. Specifically, cartons

of 3ply, 5ply and 7ply are used for additional strength as per the requirements. In


addition, we also use wrap-type cartons and corrugated boxes for packing. In order

to add a new dimension of style to the packaging, we offer you several options, such

as 2-color flexographic, 2-color lithographic laminate, full color, craft color, or four

color lithographic laminate printing. These kinds of printing methods enhance the

appearance of the entire package. You can also choose the cartons made of craft

or semi-craft papers depending upon your requirements and also, on the weight of

products to be packed in.


We use HDPE Bags for packing of bulky products that cannot fit in the rectangular

boxes. These bags are strong and opaque and are made to resist higher

temperatures. This is why they are suitable for the packaging of the products which

have irregular shapes and can be adjusted to the space inside the bags.


Where storage space is a constraint, we offer use of Bale packing that compresses

the naturally bulky products, such as Andographis, Senna leaves, Centella Asiatica,

Eclipta, Monniera and others.


In order to keep the materials in powdered and grounded forms safe and hygienic,

we make use of high quality 200 gauge low-density poly bags. They also prevent the

possibility of moisture or any other kind of contamination. They are then packed

into the HDPE drums or strong 7ply cartons depending upon the weight, volume and

kind of products.


We employ the following kinds of packing processes to ensure great packaging of all

the products:


Polywrapping involves automatic wrapping of items into polythene films,

either transparent or printed. The product is wrapped with polythene such

that polythene covers it from under and around the products. The edges

and ends of the polythene films are brought in contact and are sealed with

the help of a heat treatment. The polywrapping technique ensures that

the products are packed in a durable way without any risk of wear and tear.

The machine also ensures that the design and quality of package as well as

product remain intact until it reaches you.

Strapping involves packing of the cartons or packed products by tightening

them with HD plastic straps. Ends of these straps are locked with each other

using metallic clamps in order to avoid any loosening and to maintain the

packing during its transportation.




Packing Machinery


We employ use of several machines for automated packaging of products. For

instance, automated pack machines and cup fillers are controlled by a servomotor.

They also feature a stainless steel gearbox, which is corrosion-free and can run on

round-the-clock basis.


AFFS (Automated Form Fill and Seal) is used for seal-packing the products. This

machine (a.k.a., Weighing Automated Sealer) expedites the process of packing since

it features wide sealing ribbons. These wider sealing ribbons also result in a more

secure wider seal width, helpful in reducing the labor required for packaging.


Taping Machine is a revolutionizing machine that almost completely eliminates the

need for manually binding the finished products. Whereas this results in a much

quicker taping of the packages, it also allows you to have a firm binding without any

loose packages. It also reduces the cost of packaging by increasing the efficiency of

the entire packaging process.






Reasons to Shop With Us

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why choose us

What we do?
We are a manufacturer, exporter, and wholesaler of all kinds of essential oils. Our
huge variety of natural oils suffices to cater to various industry verticals, such as
healthcare and pharmaceuticals, spa and aromatherapy, cosmetics, foods, flavours
and confectionary, perfumery etc.
Our constant focus on research and development makes our way smoother for
maintaining the highest and internationally accepted levels of quality. In addition,
this also helps us maximize the utilization of our resources and extraction capacity.
At the same time, we engage ourselves in innovation that has resulted in creation of
several new natural oils with unique medicinal and cosmetic properties.
We understand our responsibility towards maintaining a healthy environment and
that’s why we manufacture products that don’t cause any harm to environment and
endangered species of plants and trees.