We have gained the name and recognition over years due to the highest

quality and purest form of essential oils we offer. We have our own manufacturing

units where each and every drop of oil and other herbal products are extracted under

the watchful eyes of our quality control experts. All our products go through a series of

quality tests thereby ensuring the “best quality” of product reaching you.


Given below are some common methods of extractions of essential oil used by us:


Steam Distillation:


Steam distillation is a method of extraction of a substance by application of steam on

them. This distinctive type of distillation is mainly used for extraction of essential oil

from their combined natural sources. It is generally run by the principle that when two

insoluble elements are mixed together, it results in decrease of boiling points of both the

elements. The steam distillation method of extraction is used for temperature sensitive

materials such as natural aromatic compounds


Carbon Dioxide (CO2) extraction


Carbon Dioxide extraction is a super-critical method of extraction that is used to extract

the essence of a plant. This relatively new method of extraction is based on the principle

that when a stipulated amount of pressure is applied to CO2 gas, it turns into liquid form.

The essential oil extracted through this method has an added advantage of reduced risk

of thermal degradation as compared to the essential oils that are distilled at atmospheric

pressure. This is a little expensive method of extraction and is preferred for production of

superior herbal extracts that are used in flavoring and herbal medicine industries.


Hydro Distillation


This traditional method of extraction is usually used in place of steam distillation. Unlike

steam distillation method, here no steam is passed through the powdered herbs; instead

the powdered form of herb is soaked with water. Then the water container is heated till

the water is converted to steam. It is then left to cool and the oil is collected from top of

the hydrosol.


Solvent Extraction


Also known as liquid-liquid extraction, solvent extraction is a method of separation of

material of different chemical types and different solubilities. The herbs are dissolved

into two different non-miscible liquid, one of them being water and another organic

solvents. This extraction is basically of a substance from one liquid phase into another

liquid phase. Solvent extraction is performed using the separatory funnel.


Cold Pressed Extraction


Cold pressed extraction is a method of extraction of oil using low-heat technique.

This method is based on the denominations that mention the minimum temperature at

which the oil can be extracted. It is a truth that introduction of heat to the process of

oil extraction decreased the flavor and nutritional value. Therefore, at Natures Natural

India we take that while extracting oil using the cold pressed method the volatile aromas

remain preserved and are not oxidized.

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why choose us

What we do?
We are a manufacturer, exporter, and wholesaler of all kinds of essential oils. Our
huge variety of natural oils suffices to cater to various industry verticals, such as
healthcare and pharmaceuticals, spa and aromatherapy, cosmetics, foods, flavours
and confectionary, perfumery etc.
Our constant focus on research and development makes our way smoother for
maintaining the highest and internationally accepted levels of quality. In addition,
this also helps us maximize the utilization of our resources and extraction capacity.
At the same time, we engage ourselves in innovation that has resulted in creation of
several new natural oils with unique medicinal and cosmetic properties.
We understand our responsibility towards maintaining a healthy environment and
that’s why we manufacture products that don’t cause any harm to environment and
endangered species of plants and trees.